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I’m a lesbian myself, and I see nothing wrong with straight people liking yuri (I’d say yaoi too but I guess it’s not my place to say that?).

People are people, I find NOTHING wrong with liking what you like.

Because I’m a lesbian, if I liked a heterosexual couple…Would you say I’m fetishizing heterosexual romances? Or heterosexuals? I sense a bias here… 

Honestly, as long as people AREN’T bashing lesbians or gays I have NOTHING wrong with this.

Like seriously. I wish people would calm the fuck out. Honestly, WHY are people wasting their time arguing about this being ~wrong when there are SO MANY FUCKING things wrong in our society that are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT regarding LGBT?

Spread love, not war. There are so many heterosexual people in the world who hate lesbians, or gays, or bisexuals already. Wouldn’t you rather want appreciation/love over hate? I know I do. 

Okay, I wasn’t going to respond to this, but it’s under my skin so. I’m sophisticatedlesbian and this is my personal blog because I don’t want to spend more time on my other blog on this since I’ve already covered it there.

I live in Japan. I’m a teacher in Japan. Now, gay people in Japan are often not out. And one of those reasons is because of the common association of gay people with sexual perversion and pedophilia. This common association often does come from porn- in Japan there is hardly any really good representation of LGBT people. There’s a few niche things, but as far as the mainstream goes, there’s almost no LGBT representation other than AKB kissing for 30 year old men to fap to.

I don’t care if they fap to AKB- Anyone who read my original post will see that I repeatedly say it’s fine to be straight and like yaoi/yuri porn. I say it over and over. But you can like yaoi/yuri porn and still be incredibly homophobic to gay people.The issue I took with this post was this blind defense of yaoi and yuri like there was no way that you can be homophobic or fetishizing people if you liked it. If you like porn, get yourself off on whatever you like, I don’t care. But saying it’s ‘just porn’ or ‘just fiction’ on tumblr where people spend hours of their lives every day devoting to fandom, obsessing over it and writing and drawing and reading and looking at porn of it- don’t act like that isn’t important in how people shape their world views. Just because some people understand that porn/mediarepresentation/stereotypes=/=real life doesn’t mean that everyone does. I’ve said repeatedly in my own original post that it’s not liking it that’s the problem. It’s the fact that a lot of people that have sexual harassed and demeaned and stalked me have done so because of media representations of queer people that they internalized.

So what I’m saying is, if a group of people see lesbians and gay people as only sexual and nothing else, it leads to shitty things. Like my friend who was threatened with being fired if she was lesbian because school teachers shouldn’t be gay because they might corrupt the children. Or sexually assault them. Because I’m scared to fucking death that because of the absolutely shitty media representation of LGBT folks would lead to me losing my job because the only real depiction of gay people=sexual deviants. It’s why “most of yaoi/yuri is made to be arousing right.” Even though that’s incorrect and there’s plenty of yaoi/yuri that isn’t porn. But the association is there. So please, please don’t tell me that I’m upset about something that doesn’t matter when I could literally lose my job because of how the general public perceives lesbians as something sexual and dirty.

Media and porn that people consume don’t exist in some sort of vacuum that doesn’t effect how they think or what they think about. But don’t tell me that because I get upset about being reduced to a sexual object by heterosexual fans of fictional lesbians that I don’t ‘care about the bigger issues.’  Especially not when one of the bigger issues I have is concern about losing my job because my teachers take me being gay as me being a sexual deviant. Which is why in my original post I said it’s fine to like it if you realize it’s fiction and not all people do.

And also, once more, on this “fetishing straight people” I’ll repeat this again since people really honestly think that’s a thing:

You can’t fetishize the dominant group. Straight porn is made by straight people for straight people. If they tailored straight porn to appeal to gay perspective and it was literally the only kind of porn that existed for straight people and it was inaccurate and relied only on stereotyped images of straight people, straight people could be fetishized (though let’s be fair, straight people *can be fetishized* but it’s always about something other than their heterosexuality like their race or their weight but never “ohhhh heteros god i wish i had a hetero friend if my kid was hetero i’d ship him with my friends and buy him tonka trucks even if he hated them omigod he’d be so cute and unfunf i love hetero people more that heteros love heteros omg derek i’m so glad i have a straight friend can i watch you kiss oh you’re straight do you wanna have a threesome with us mmmm i secretly write explicit fanfiction of my straight bff and her boyfriend it’s so hot guh” <—- minus the ‘threesome’ and ‘watch you kiss’ bit which happens irl a lot to gay people, I’ve seen all of those things said by slash fans on tumblr).

But the reality of it is that straight people are the dominant narrative and straight porn, gay m/m porn(well the gay porn in Japan is idk about American gay porn), and lesbian porn are mostly tailored directly to straight people. And people I know in real life that are viciously against gay rights still love lezzie porn ( and also think that real life lesbian women can be ‘turned’ back to being straight with one good penis.) BUT to make it clear that I am not speaking from ‘bias’ it’s insanely gross when people fetishize anyone for any reason. Reducing someone to just fap material and then treating the actual people who are in a category like that in real life is shitty and that’s what I was talking about. 

Like I said in my original post “It’s on in how you engage in it. Liking fiction and realizing that it’s fiction is great! Don’t assume that gay people in real life act like someone in a manga! I mean, that should be a given but people can and often do forget that. Liking yaoi/yuri on its own isn’t a problem but can lead to problems really quick if people start acting terribly because of it. "

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Miscellaneous pictures of Osaka

I stayed in a capsule hotel! It was interesting.

There was a little tv in it and it had an alarm clock on the edge and some little shelves.

And on the tv there was one button to flip through like 8 channels— one of which was porn. So to pass through the channels to look at what’s wrong you always passed a channel with porn. But these capsules are not in any way noise proof so it’s awkward. There’s no head phone jack in there either….! Who’d be watching porn when everyone around you can hear??? hahaha it was so strange.

And finally this head on the light pole? idk I took a picture of it anyways. This is right in the center of Amemura too&#8230; haha

And finally this head on the light pole? idk I took a picture of it anyways. This is right in the center of Amemura too… haha

Korea town inside America town.
Korea towns are literally everywhere apparently x3 I like it. I bought a 2NE1 poster here.

Korea town inside America town.

Korea towns are literally everywhere apparently x3 I like it. I bought a 2NE1 poster here.

Graffiti in Amemura

I found this amusing as well.

I found this amusing as well.

One of the sign holding robot light poles?!? idk man. I like them though

One of the sign holding robot light poles?!? idk man. I like them though

Some examples of shops in Amemura

I particularly found this shop amusing.

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